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Terry’s has always been a top choice for us when it comes to dining places in The Podium Mall. The menu used to be limited but the great-tasting croquetas, paellas (chistorrado is win!) and sandwiches more than made up for the lack of variety in the selection. About a month ago, we ate there for Sunday lunch and I was surprised at how many dishes had been added to the menu. Our old-time favorites are still there but the number of European-inspired cuisine had grown! I quickly took note of the dishes I have yet to try and earmarked them for my husband’s birthday. However, the birthday was 3 weeks away and I couldn’t wait. Two weeks ago, we had a mini-occasion to celebrate so we decided to have a weekday lunch at Terry’s. We weren’t disappointed.

There’s jamon serrano and homemade pork loin from acorn-fed Iberian pigs for those not on a diet but there’s also tawilis adobados and gambas al ajillo cooked in ArteOliva olive oil for the waist-conscious (now why would weight-watchers dine in a restaurant serving mainly Spanish cuisine?). I’m not a wine lover but I’m sure oenophiles will also have another reason to eat at Terry’s because of the array of wines available in the restaurant.

To my sister and I, there’s also a bonus to eating at Terry’s: the gourmet store right beside the restaurant selling a vast assortment of cheeses, hams and specialty culinary products. Our latest find was the cazuela – a native Spanish clay pot used for cooking. It can also be used to serve hot dishes (straight from the oven) such as sopa de ajo as it has great heat-keeping properties. Most Spanish households, we’re told, have cazuelas in the kitchen often handed down from mothers to daughters.

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