8 Of The Best Surf Spots In Oregon

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Oregon’s coasts are well known for surfing. If you’re a thrill seeker looking for surfing resorts off the shores of the state, then make sure you check out each resort and find out whether they have facilities that suit your level of skill and experience. Beginners should take heed. Surf spots are not built equally. Know your skill level.

Seaside Cove

Longboarders love to hang out on this cove where the rocks give way to the sandy shores during the low tide. Note to beginners: This is probably not for you. The beach terrain is good for intermediate and advanced surfers. Boulders make this place ridiculously challenging, even impossible, for newbies.

Indian Beach

Although you can see more kayakers and stand up paddle boarding on this beach, it’s still noted for its great surfing opportunities for all people with varying experience. Get to this venue via the Cannon Beach, heading north and coursing through the Ecola State Park. Mountains shelter this beach from the westerlies.

Short Sands

The surfing adventure depends on wind direction and swell. Start from either north or south end. This is more like a spot for beginners, so if you’re pretty much advanced, you may find beginners on surfboards distracting, maybe even annoying. It gets crowded in summer too. It’s 10 miles away from Cannon Beach.

Pacific City

This is a gorgeous beach where you can pick among several breaks. Along the south side of the cape is a reef peak where you may experience the west northwest swell, the area that’s good for beginners. Intermediate surfers may check out the peaks to the south. The beach breaks and currents may excite advanced thrill seekers. It’s not the safest spot though due to presence of sharks, speeding jet skis, and even swimmers.

Otter Rock

One of central Oregon’s popular surf spots for beginners is Otter Rock, but there are areas for intermediate and advanced surfers as well as longboarders. Like any other spots, it gets crowded during weekends and holidays.

Agate Beach

Awesome beach breaks lure surfers, new and old alike, to this paradise, which is on the south rim of Yaquina Head. A huge headland blocks the north wind. A disadvantage with surf spots like this one that cater to all types of surfers is the presence of untrained beginners, which make surfing a bit risky for adventurous enthusiasts.

Florence South Jetty

Strong currents favor only intermediate and advanced surfers. Huge winter swells attract water adventure buffs. The beach gets crowded though, and that can be a deal breaker. Watch out for the sharks, albeit threat is not severe.

Coos Bay

It’s a sandy cove along Bastendorff beach. Winds blow offshore in winter, and surfers may find that cool, but strong rips and sharks are to look out for.

Other spots to visit are Brookings, Hubbard Creek, and Port Orford.

image: By Visitor7 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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